Run Lab

Whether you are new to running or an elite runner, improving your form and efficiency can be beneficial for injury prevention and result in improved performance.

The Run Lab is a program dedicated to the in-depth evaluation of your running mechanics in addition to evaluating and addressing running related injuries.

  • It is perfect for those returning to run after an injury or surgery, for those new to running as well as those seasoned athletes seeking to improve their speed and performance.
  • We utilize specific drills and exercises to encourage proper form as well as develop key muscle groups that are integral during running.

The Run Lab isn’t only for “runners!”

  • Running crosses into many disciplines and is the common denominator in most sports and conditioning programs. With that, unfortunately, a lot of injuries occur secondary to poor form and efficiency. It can also be a source of frustration and discouragement for athletes who feel they “aren’t good” at running.
  • Like most skills in sport, proper running form can be taught and learned much like a golf swing or throwing a baseball.

A running evaluation includes the following:

  • 90-120 minutes of one on one time
  • A complete physical therapy evaluation
  • Functional mobility screening
  • Shoe wear analysis and recommendations
  • Video analysis of running form on treadmill 
  • Video playback of your form with in depth discussion
  • Recommendations on how to start your journey to healthier running form along with exercises and drills

A running follow up session includes the following:

  • 60 minutes of one on one time
  • Follow up video analysis if needed on treadmill or overground
  • Advancement or modification of drills and exercises
  • Time running outside with clinician if needed for real time verbal cueing 
  • Manual therapy as needed

For questions on billing or to schedule an appointment see our Pricing & Scheduling page.